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We share our service experience oftenly for critique purposes to help us improve our delivery. We care about our client's individual needs. We listen and understand client's tailormade requirements, our services are designed to treat you like a person not a number, so as to meet a client expectations. We are here for you, therefore we value feedback to enable us serve you better in future and those who will come after you.

New Voting Method

Voting System

AI Built Software with the slogan: The truth shall set you free! -- We are turning our attention toward improving the integrity standards of voting systems used in political elections worldwide. In order to ensure that political election results are honest, accurate, and accepted on a global scale, we are developing secure blockchain-based voting software that provides transparency into election results by allowing voters to independently audit the ballot box. Using cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography, and is being accomplished, all while protecting each voter’s right to privacy.

Cryptographic Voting Booth & e-Ballot Box

What are the DApp Protocols?

The DApp Protocols are a set of specifications and software with the goal of bridging the gap between smart contracts and the people they exist to serve.

What are Smart Contracts?

A smart contract is the program that a blockchain runs. It is the code which defines features that are relevant and interesting to people, and defines the rules by which those features are used.

What are Blockchains?

blockchain is a decentralized database based upon a carefully analyzed system of rules (a protocol) governing how that database can be updated. Blockchains come in two main flavors: public and private.

What is That in Voting then?

Since their origins, humans have had difficulties. Bad ones. Life is hard. People get hurt. People die. But we all recognize that life could be beautiful, and we strive for that. To deal with the problems, we band together. To band together, we need organization, and that organization comes in two flavors: either we agree upon rules, or we appoint rulers.

SOLUTION: Cryptographic voting booth & e-ballot box where VOTERS can AUDIT VOTES; all without compromising privacy &security.

What is messy?

Agreeing on rules is one thing, but enforcing them is another. People get assigned to that, and that works well sometimes, but then those people need to organize themselves, which creates the same problem all over again. And then there's that whole issue of interpreting the rules, when ambiguities arise.

SOLUTION: Cryptographic voting booth & e-ballot box where VOTERS can AUDIT VOTES; all without compromising privacy &security.

And the reality?

The long and short of it is, agreeing upon rules hasn't worked well for us. We try to do it, but it's complicated, and so we end up appointing people to work on updating the rules, others to work on interpreting the rules, and still others to work on enforcing the rules. So far, agreeing upon rules is just a convoluted way of appointing de-facto rulers.

SOLUTION: Cryptographic voting booth & e-ballot box where VOTERS can AUDIT VOTES; all without compromising privacy &security.

Major Projects By Satia Limited / Homepesa llc

We developed several cutting edge software products for DIB bank:

  • Sharia Murabaha
  • LipaKaro Murabaha
  • Global money transfer systems
  • County revenue collection systems
  • satia team helped KCB BANK identify vulnerabilities (PenTest-2019-01/90) in their banking and financial services organization's IT infrastructure, as well as the original designers of VOOMA system.

    Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC), is a global hub for business, trade and commerce that is home to 24,000 companies ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations.

    Launch of Homepesa SACCO

    Homepesa Sacco: Was launched in 2016 to offer BOSA services to Kenyan's registered with any of our affiliated companies. Any affiliated . We are dedicated to empower our members through technology to access savings-based loans, solution for accounting,ERP & CRM, 🌐www.homesako.com plus other investent opportunities like the one on www.acloudbank.com.

    Artificial Inteligence (AI)

    Together-AI is a generative artificial intelligence community issue based forums [ including but not limited to:- Human Rights, climate, healthCare, education, ecology, immigration, economy, animals, gun Control,Racial Justice, foreigners, infrastructure) ] based on a large language model (LLM), powered by new Triton Language and compiler; an initiative by the CTO, SATIA LTD

    AcloudBank Blockchain

    Is a global platform that champions freedom. We are a society (community) of people who are tired of the traditional banking bureaucracy. "We are on a mission to create a global, human- istic blockchain experience that offers fredom and security", By Satia Ltd CTO

    Voting Software:
    • Online voting platform using BlockChain database, AI, and Biodata; offering End to end verification for a variety of use cases; to maximize transparency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.
    Islamic Systems
    • Islamic interest free Instant Financing solution that sorts both islams and non islams to acquire financial freedom through borrowing interest free facilities vial their mobile phones and /or laptops.
    Lipa Karo
    • enables Kenyans to pay school fees from anywhere any time. All payments

    Over the years we have gained invaluable experience in meeting the demands of varied but discerning clients, and learned to respond effectively and efficiently, we are therefore, a hallmark of a service that is flexible with unfaltering commitment to quality and style, always ensuring customer satisfaction.


    • To have a digitized world.
    • To be the leading provider of online financial solutions that facilitate real-time assistance to consumers by digitally connecting the Company's services with customers seeking digital solutions on the web or mobile application.The Company’s unique platform creates a more relevant, compelling and personalized online experience.

    Join Our Professional Team!

    We are biz enthusiasts and we love what we do.

    Dennis Satia

    Blockchain Core Developer/Software Engineer/Secretary at Homepesa Sacco

    Ken Wambua

    iOs / Android developer

    I am an entrepreneur/Investor at SALTIAM TECHNOLOGIES CO. and fervent blockchain advocate who came in contact with crypto currencies in early 2014 and was fascinated by its autonomous nature and implications for value transfer and freedom of speech.

    Godfrey Machuka

    TV & RADIO Journalist, Graphics Designer, videographer, and Chairman Homepesa Sacco


    Technology Analyst

    I am an early Bitcoin investor and a skilled programmer with expertise in technical and fundamental analysis of markets with extensive experience in algorithmic trading, I am passionate promoter of decentralized finance,  I am an autodidactic educator, proficient code reviewer with a strong advocate of free markets and self-sufficiency.

    Dr. Stefan Schießl

    Blockchain Technology Master

    I am a mathematician with a strong computer science background. Dissecting complex real world problems into models and structures that can be understood and solved by software, one block at a time. Curiosity is my most honest complement for a project.

    Dr. John Conlin

    Blockchain Developer and Lawyer

    In the past educated at a top public university and worked at a Wall Street law firm and fin-tech startup. Right now building decentralized finance technology with friends and meaningfully extend digital markets.

    Dmitry Khorushko

    Dev Team Leader

    He is been around for 14 years in the IT-industry predominantly in web-development sector. Worked for MTS, Gazprom, Mail. ru, Volkswagen.

    Alexey Sinkevitch

    Art Director, Graphic, Web, UI/UX Designerr

    Over 8 years of experience creating graphical interfaces and supporting design systems of huge projects. Alexey is an expert in Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, Animate. He has quantifiable knowledge and experience in color balance, composition and technical features of developing products.

    Pavel Kryakvin

    Frontend developer

    Pauvel has established his creative prowess in the industry through amazing HTML markup templates he has created in the past. He works with JQuery to create exceptional animation effects and also updates and modified existing css and js code. Over the years, he has created adaptive & responsive layouts for web applications.

    Igor Biliba

    Backend developer

    Igor Biliba is an ardent coder with extensive experience working with top PHP and mobile developers. He uses Yii2, AngularJS, MySQL(InnoDB), Redis, Sphinx. Rarely SailsJS, MongoDB- to create sophisticated APIs and diverse applications with high load optimisation. He has worked with yii2 for about 4 years and yii1 for 5 years. He graduated from Belarusian State University of Radiotechnics and Electronics.

    Yura Lov


    Junior Quality Assistant with two years experience in IT and project management. Great at maintaining accurate quality control log, developing reports for management and creating presentations for departmental managers. He also specializes in software quality control.

    Pavel Bokach

    Customer relationship manager

    Pavel Works with clients to optimize their customer service processes. He coordinates client’s projects by setting goals and objectives, as well as monitoring their implementation. He audits projects, handles negotiation and develops client base. His process includes clarification of requirements, project evaluation, design, preparation of technical specifications and implementation.

    Blockchain Innovations (MAIN FOCUS)

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